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Torch Kit C/W Powder Spraying Attachment



This oxy torch kit includes all the tools required to hardsurface parts with TECHNODUR or TECHNOSPHERE.

The specially designed handle allows to easily adjust the flame while hardsurfacing… no need to stop to adjust the flame.

The tips are extra long so as to reduce the exposure of the applicator to heat. Further protection can be achieved through the use of specially designed Kevlar heat protection aprons.

The standard new kit includes the following:

  • User manual, parts list and trouble shooting manual.
  • Cord tip #4 and cord tip #5 so as to hardsurface parts of different thicknesses.
  • Powder tip #4 and powder tip #5 also to adapt the powdering operation to the thickness of the parts, and to the volume of powder to be applied.

Other strength of tips, and longer lasting tips with tungsten carbide are also available.

Spare parts are kept in Inventory in Edmonton and can be shipped immediately upon receipt of P.O.

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General Manager