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Produced by Tenmat Advanced Materials

FEROBIDE™ Weldable Tungsten Carbide Tiles

FEROBIDE™ is an innovative tungsten carbide composite material that combines a high level of wear resistance and toughness with the ease and reliability of a weldable material.

Unlike traditional sintered tungsten carbide, FEROBIDE™ uses a steel matrix to bond the tungsten particles together. The unique forming process yields wear resistance similar to traditional sintered tungsten carbide while allowing tiles to be easily cut and welded in place. This, combined with superior toughness, makes FEROBIDE™ the ideal choice for high impact and high wear applications.

FEROBIDE™, unlike conventional sintered Tungsten Carbide tiles, is weldable using conventional welding techniques instead of brazing. Brazing and subsequent annealing can soften the base steel, while the short welding contact time for conventional welding limits such damage to hardened steel substrates by producing a smaller heat affected zone.

Another huge benefit from using FEROBIDE™ is the improved impact resistance. As it is a composite cermet, it combines the wear properties of Tungsten Carbide with the impact resistance and weldability of steel.


  • Very high impact strength
  • Superior resistance to chipping
  • Abrasion resistance comparable to pure carbide
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Cutting with standard tools (score with zip disc and snap)


  • Agriculture
  • Earth moving
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Industrial processing

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