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S.P.R.S. offers innovative and cost effective solutions to reduce or eliminate expensive and very troublesome wear problems.

S.P.R.S. was incorporated in 1988 to promote and supply hardsurfacing products for severe abrasive/erosive service.

The discovery of the exceptionally effective line of TECHNOGENIA’s tungsten carbide based hardsurfacing products has enabled us to make a giant step forward, particularly in the Oil Sands industry.

S.P.R.S. is now a well rounded company, specializing in abrasion/erosion resistant overlay (hardsurfacing) and able to supply and manufacture products and parts required for very severe service.

S.P.R.S. is currently certified to ISO 9001:25 standards.

S.P.R.S. has always maintained a strong commitment towards customer satisfaction. In order to recognize this commitment, S.P.R.S. internally developed a comprehensive quality management system adapted specifically to the goals and modus operandi of the company.

ISO 9001 certification was applied for and granted in the year 2000. This certification has been maintained through yearly audits by SAI GLOBAL ever since.

S.P.R.S. is currently certified to ISO 9001:2015. Click HERE for a copy of our certificate.

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Years of Experience

With 35 years of expertise, we proudly serve Alberta, providing exceptional solutions and services tailored to your needs, backed by a rich history of reliability and commitment to excellence.

Distributed Products

S.P.R.S. offers a comprehensive range of products including tungsten carbide cord products, spray & fuse powders, torch kits, semi-auto feeders, MIG wires, PTA powders, graphite rods, clean-cut composite rods, tungsten carbide inserts, FEROBIDE™ weldable tungsten carbide tiles, diamond abrasive products, tungsten carbide weld-on grouser bars, heat protection aprons and shields, and see-through UV protection welding curtains for various industrial applications.

Manufactured Products & Services

S.P.R.S. offers a range of manufacturing and hardsurfacing solutions, including chute liners, belt cleaner discs, oil press auger segments, crushing wheels, pulley cleaners and holders, and weld-on grouser bars for various industries. Their expertise ensures top-quality parts tailored to customer specifications.

Industries Supported Worldwide

S.P.R.S. provides tungsten carbide solutions for various industries, including oilsands, oilfield, mining, foundries, agriculture, and potash mines. Their expertise and products enhance wear resistance, durability, and efficiency across diverse applications.