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Graphite Rods

Graphite rods are most often used when the edge of cavities or holes need to be protected during a hardsurfacing process. The rods or plugs are allowed to protrude above the edge of the holes, and higher than the thickness of the layer hardsurfacing to be applied. After the hardsurfacing application, the graphite rod or plug is destroyed by hammering, and the edges of the holes are left clean. This avoids having to grind the edges of the holes, after hardsurfacing.

All the rods listed below are available in 12 inches long.

Part # Description
60-313 Graphite rod 5/16”
60-357 Graphite rod 9mm
60-375 Graphite rod 3/8”
60-438 Graphite rod 7/16”
60-500 Graphite rod 1/2”
60-625 Graphite rod 5/8”
60-750 Graphite rod 3/4”
60-M134 Graphite rod 13mm x 12”

We also stock various sizes or cut plugs.

Other diameters, shapes, or length can be available on special order.

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