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Clean Cut Composite Rod

Clean-cut is a composite rod made of coarse crushed sintered tungsten carbide in a Zinc free Silicon-Bronze matrix. This product has been designed to reduce noxious emissions causing the discomfort known by the applicators as “metal sickness”. This “applicator friendly” matrix eliminates the need for heavy breathing apparatus equipment, thus enabling the applicator to increase production rate.


  • milling tools
  • string reamers
  • cutting tools

Tungsten carbide mesh sizes available:

  • CC 1: 1/4”-5/16”
  • CC 2: 3/16”-1/4”
  • CC 3: 1/8″-3/16″
  • CC 4: 1/16″-3/32″

Standard weight: 35.0 Lb boxes.

Our Experts

Patrick Notton
General Manager