These rods are used to enable overlaying the edges of cavities or holes. The holes are plugged with the graphite rod which is allowed to protrude from the edge of the hole. The overlay can then be applied around the rod, without any of it reducing the diameter of the opening. The graphite plug is then destroyed.

Standard Sizes Currently available: All Rods are 12” long

Part # Description
60-313 Graphite rod 5/16”
60-357 Graphite rod 9mm
60-375 Graphite rod 3/8”
60-438 Graphite rod 7/16”
60-500 Graphite rod 1/2”
60-625 Graphite rod 5/8”
60-750 Graphite rod 3/4”
60-M134 Graphite rod 13mm x 12”

We also stock various sizes or cut plugs.

Other sizes, shapes or lengths available on special order.