Discs belt cleaners assemblies were designed as early as 1990 by a now retired oilsands site engineer.

The challenge was to select a pattern of the hardfacing which would provide a knife blade type of cleaning action, while having a minimal area of the belt subject to abrasion.

Several products and semi automatic application processes, including PTA and such, were considered.

It became quickly obvious that the most effective hardsurfacing product for this service was an oxytorch applied, Spherical tungsten carbide based product called TECHNOSPHERE.

This product enabled to apply coarse and very hard Spherical carbides, non aggressive for the belt. The oxytorch, low temperature, application process enabled to keep the original hardness of the carbides, contrarily to much hotter electric arc or plasma arc processes.

SPRS has manufactured these discs in Edmonton ever since.
Discs, as well as hub and shafts, are kept in inventory in Edmonton for immediate shipping.
Complete assemblies of the cleaner hubs can also be provided.