Hardsurfacing Overlays, Finished Parts

Manufacturing or hardsurfacing of wear components requires qualified applicators as well as products adapted to the application.

Our capabilities extend from hardsurfacing customer owned parts to providing finished parts based on your requirements.

Our manual application operation and our automated PTA equipment enable to apply a great diversity of harsurfacing or buildup products on parts of simple or complex geometry.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, S.P.R.S. has qualified technicians on staff in order to ensure that you receive parts that not only conform to your specifications but will also provide maximum performance in service.

S.P.R.S. also assists in the development of wear parts adapted to specific wear problems and offers full manufacturing and grinding services.

Grinding Services

In order to ensure that parts are ground to customer specifications, S.P.R.S. owns and operates several external and internal grinders able to accommodate up to 26” diameters.

See our machines here.

Applicator Training

S.P.R.S. offers technical assistance in the training of applicators when a company wishes to do the hardsurfacing in house. This ensures that the application techniques are clearly understood and that the product performs as expected.