S.P.R.S. was incorporated in 1988, for the purpose of promoting and supplying hardsurfacing products for severely abrasive/erosive service.

The discovery of the exceptionally effective line of TECHNOGENIA’s tungsten carbide overlays has enabled S.P.R.S. to become particularly knowledgeable in the various types of tungsten carbide based products and their specific applications.

S.P.R.S. has become, not only a knowledgeable supplier of hardsurfacing products for steel parts, but also a reliable consultant in this field. Further developments have lead to the necessity of offering also finished components of exceptional abrasion resistance, for very specific applications.

S.P.R.S. is now a well rounded company, specializing in abrasion/erosion resistant overlay (hardsurfacing) products and components for use in very severe environments.


S.P.R.S. has always maintained a strong commitment towards customer satisfaction. In order to recognize this commitment, S.P.R.S. internally developed a comprehensive quality management system adapted specifically to the goals and modus operandi of the company.

ISO 9001 certification was applied for and granted in the year 2000. This certification has been maintained through yearly audits by SAI GLOBAL ever since.

S.P.R.S. is currently certified to ISO 9001:2015. Click here for a copy of our certificate.